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  • Check Your Nutrition

  • If you have cancer, it's important to regularly check your nutrition

    Keith and Sam check your nutrition

    In the last month:

    1. Have you lost weight unintentionally?
    2. Are your clothes or jewellery, such as rings and watches, looser than normal?
    3. Have you lost your appetite or eaten less than normal?
    4. Have you found it difficult to finish your meals?

    If your weight is stable, remember to check your nutrition regularly to make sure you are continuing to get all the nutrients your body needs. If you have noticed that you are losing or gaining weight or have any other side effects, make sure you visit our Side Effects page for helpful tips on how to manage them.

    You may need to increase your nutritional intake. Speak to your Healthcare Professional about your nutritional needs.

    If you are struggling to eat enough and continuing to lose weight, your Doctor or Dietitian may prescribe or recommend oral nutritional supplements. To find out more about eating well and how oral nutritional supplements may help, please visit our Eating Well section.